Partner Institutions

Magdalena Wo┼║niak
October 2, 2019

The Nubian Textiles project benefitted from the fruitful collaboration with several Museums and Institutions who made their collections available for study:

- the Sudan National Museum, Khartoum (Sudan): objects from Meinarti, Attiri, Gemai, Ukma, Faras, Ambikol, Melik el Nasir, Khartoum, Fiki Mahmoud, Soba, Kulb-Akasha.
- the British Museum, London (UK): objects from Qasr Ibrim, Kulubnarti, et Tereif, Soba, Gezira Dabarosa, Argin, Northern Dongola Reach sites
- the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto (Canada): objects from Gebel Adda
- the Textile Research Centre, Leiden (Netherlands): ethnographic collection of Grace M. Crowfoot
- the Poznan Archaeological Museum, Poznan (Poland): textiles from Shemkhiya, es Sadda and Hagar el-Beida
- the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw (Poland): textiles from el Ar sites
- the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, Khartoum (Sudan): textile samples from naturally mummified bodies from the 4th Cataract area collected by Dr Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin (see

The author would like to express here her sincere gratitude to all Museum Curators and Conservators for their kind assistance during her research stays.

Unless stated otherwise, all the pictures illustrating the object files were made by the author with the kind permission of the aforementioned Museums and Institutions.
They are made available for dissemination purposes and should not be used without authorization.

DATABASE BROWSING: The objects in the Database are labelled with a "Museum code" + inventory number. The codes are the following:
- Sudan National Museum = SNM
- British Museum = BM
- Royal Ontario Museum = ROM
- Textile Research Centre = TRC
- Poznan Archaeological Museum = MAP
- Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Polish Academy of Sciences = PAS
- the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums = NCAM