Textile rags PAS 92/2008-2009

Magdalena Wo┼║niak
August 28, 2019

Necropolis coded KK1 (4th Cataract, el Ar area), Tumulus 2 (funerary).


Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Warsaw. Inv. 92/2008-2009.

Bunches from 1 to 8 cm.

Originally tabby.

Possibly stamped (red, blue, green, with at least 3 bi-coloured threads in green and red).

- cotton
- Z spun
- undyed
- 22-24 warps/cm

- cotton
- Z spun
- undyed
- 22-24 picks/cm

Originally a very fine quality fabric, imported, with probably a stamped decoration as the preserved portions of blue, green and red tabby show traces similar to piece-dyeing with bindings left undyed. These rags may have been reused for the padding of some furniture or garment - or perhaps kept to be respun ? Cotton white fibre.

Textile examined by M.M. Wozniak, August 2019.