Textile fragment PAS 51/2008

Magdalena Wo┼║niak
August 28, 2019

el Ar 4 necropolis (4th Cataract area), Grave 12 (funerary).


Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Warsaw. Inv. 51/2007.

6.5x4, 2x3, 2x1.5 (folded) + smaller fragments

Weft-faced tabby.


- wool
- S spun
- light brown
- 11 warps/cm

- wool
- S spun
- light brown
- 21 picks/cm

Delicate and soft fabric, evenly woven, thinner warps, more tightly spun (02/0.3 mm), wefts 0.4/0.5 mm thick. Traces of sewing (holes). Other fragments stuck and friable.

Textile examined by M.M. Wozniak, August 2019.